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Security oxygen bleaching

Bleaching can clean milk and fruit juice stains

Formulation plant-based deodorant

Bleaching, sterilization 

You can safely use in color pattern.

With convenient lightweight cup.

No coloring, fragrance-free 

How to use:

And use the amount of the standard: 1L of water to 5g (to 1/2 of the lightweight rod)

How to use: Dissolve well the bleach, about 30 minutes (2 hours within when it is very dirty) After soaking, rinse with water. When you put every bleached with lukewarm hot water (about 40 ) is more effective.

 can be used ones: white goods, colored article, textile products patterned (cotton, hemp, chemical fiber), plastic products

Things can not be used: silk, wool, wool textile products, what color is out with water and laundry detergent, which is dyed with metal-containing dyes, metal container, tools, buttons, buckles

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