Fridge Odor Absorber, 140 gr

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Best Selling Fridge Odor Absorber in Japan!!

Keeps your food fresh and your refrigerator odor-free. Top-quality Bincho charcoal and activated carbon absorb even the most pungent odors and replace them with clean, fresh air. Enjoy long-lasting fresh food and drinks with odor-free ice-cubes. The charcoal shape changes to inform burn time.

Cautions: This product is NOT EDIBLE. If you swallow the content by mistake, consult a doctor. Keep out of reach of children. Do not let the container fall down. If the content spills, wipe clean immediately. Do not store in direct sunlight or in a high temperature. Do not use it for any other purposes.

Zak Ramrup-Johnson 06/11/2019
Surprisingly exceptional...I thought a lot of the articles on activated charcoal (binchotan is a type of activated charcoal) getting rid of impurities were false since the only scientific backing for them was during a poisoning situation. However, this has not only made my normally tidy fridge smell super clean, but also it has kept my food extremely fresh. I threw a loaf of bread in the fridge and there hasn't been even a speck of mold. Even my squashes and tomatoes, which tend to mold quickly due to the humidity here in the Southeast US, are spotless and perfect. I plan on getting another in a few months!
Diana Doyle 04/12/2018
Works very well, better than anything I get off of amazon.
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