Pigeon baby pure detergent plus 600 ml

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Product Description

Pigeon Baby Pure Detergent Plus 600mL is safe for babies and effective on soiled clothes. Pigeon Baby uses only botanical cleaning ingredients to remove stain without damaging clothes or irritating skin. Citric acid is used to kill bacteria, mold, and mildew. It does all of this without additives like dyes, perfumes, bleach, phosphorus, or fluorescents.

Pigeon Baby Pure Detergent can be used in a washing machine or hand washings. It does not take a lot of the concentration detergent It also rinses away so that it doesn’t leave any residue that can also irritate a baby’s skin.

Benefits of Product

  • Made from 100% plant-derived ingredients
  • Eliminates odors and cleans stains effectively and gently
  • Safe for newborns on up
  • Concentrated product
  • Rinses clean
  • Meets safety testings for skin irritation and allergies
  • Made in Japan

Pigeon Baby Pure Detergent Plus 600mL is available in the USA when you order online. You can read reviews and buy it from our website.

Pigeon Liquid Laundry Detergent For Extra Soiled Clothing 600ml

Baby-friendly detergent for newborn baby.

● Citric acid formulation to help kill bacteria, mold, and mildew
● Odor-eliminating detergent
● Made from 100% botanical cleaning ingredients
● Safe to use for babies (0 months and above)
● Effectively removes dirt and stains using plant-derived ingredients while remaining gentle to baby's clothes
● Concentrated formula - only a small amount is needed for each wash
● No need to worry about remaining detergent 
● Safety testing conducted to meet the standards (Clothing detergent, skin irritation testing and allergy testing tests)

Suitable for both hand wash and machine wash. 
No additives [colorless, no fragrance, no bleach, no phosphorus, no fluorescent agent]

 Recommended usage
Hand wash: 
10 ml of this product against 5 liters of water 

Washing machine: 
Drum type: 50 ml for laundry 2 kg 
General type: 50 ml for 30 L of water 


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