Holle Vs Lebenswert


Holle and Lebenswert are two European baby companies that offer high quality baby formula to infants around the world. Some people may not realize that they are actually part of the same company. In 2009, the Lebenswert bio brand was introduced as part of the Holle family. Still, they are two different types of formulas with different agriculture philosophies and products. 

Both brands use ingredients that are sourced from biodynamic farming practices. When it comes to the benefits of Holle vs Lebenswert, the comparison shows how unique each type is. Parent reviews for either brand are positive, but that is not enough for someone to pick one from the other. If you are on the fence as to which baby formula you want for your infant, let us break down the plus and minus of Holle and Lebenswert.

Brand Comparison

Years of Experience

Holle is one of the pioneers of biodynamic agriculture used in baby formula and baby food. With its start in the 1930s in Switzerland, it has almost 90 years of experience and a strong reputation in its focus on infant nutrition.

Lebenswert does not have as many years of experience as Holle, but it has still proven themselves in the baby formula market with Holle as its parent brand. In fact, Lebenswert is a German company that only makes baby formula so it can be the best it can be in this category. 

Organically Produced Raw Material

Holle formula and Lebenswert formula are certified organic according to the guidelines for infant nutrition established by the European Union. These requirements are strict and have changed recently. Regulations include no pesticides or herbicides, no refined sugars, and no GMOs or ingredients that can affect a child’s growth and development during this important first year. 

Holle is the only Demeter-certified baby food manufacturer in Europe for almost as long as they have been around. This high standard of organic quality is a balance of land, animal, and people working together to bring harmony and health to the environment. The food producers must take care to maintain Demeter quality as does the company when they prepare the baby formula.

Lebenswert is an organic company, but its certification comes from Bioland Association. Bioland is the largest organic food association in Germany. This association of 5600 farmers, gardeners, and other agricultural experts meets or exceeds the regulations of the European Union while maintaining the value of the people and environment. A comparison between Holle vs Lebenswert based on organic certification may help customers choose their product, but both companies consist of high quality, organic ingredients that benefit babies.

Choice of Carbohydrate

All baby formula must have carbohydrates to provide energy to infants. In breast milk, that carbohydrate is lactose. This milk sugar occurs naturally, but some brands will add sweeteners, syrups, or refined sugars that add too much sweetness. The EU banned the use of sugar and sugar additives in their infant formulas in order to combat childhood obesity and dental concerns.

Both Holle and Lebenswert contain organic lactose in Stage PRE, but from Stages 1 on, Holle also contains organic maltodextrin. This tasteless, potato-derived starch is actually used to balance the sweetness from the milk and lactose without adding extra carbohydrates. It is also a type of thickener to help babies feel fuller longer. Lebenswert uses maltodextrin in Stages 2 and 3, but Stage 1 has organic lactose.

Ecological Contributions

Both Holle and Lebenswert follow ecologically friendly farming practices that promote good soil and a healthy environment for the animals and the people who live around it. Biodynamic farming is careful when it comes to managing the soil’s fertility and the care in the animals that produce the milk. Holle also makes efforts by becoming carbon-neutral in manufacturing. 

Product Choices

Holle has Demeter-certified baby formula using either cow and goat milk. Cow milk is the standard milk used in the U.S., but goat milk is popular in many countries around the world. It has curd that is easier to digest and may be easier on a baby’s developing digestive system than cow milk. In some respects, goat milk is more hypoallergenic and tolerated than cow milk.

Lebenswert only comes in cow milk, but the natural goodness sweetness of the milk is what makes it stand out compared to some other baby formulas. 

If you are deciding between Holle vs Lebenswert, you can take a closer look at the list of ingredients and features of each brand and their stages at TheBestFromJapan.com. You will find baby formula that will match your needs for feeding your baby.