KISS YOU Ionic Toothbrush - Blue

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Japan’s best ionic toothbrush brand is here in the USA.

Say goodbye to the plaque with the power of KISS YOU Ionic Toothbrush - Blue.

How Negative Ions Remove Plaque

Plaque sticks to teeth by cross-linking with calcium ions in saliva. The KISS YOU Ionic Toothbrush - Blue flows negative ions to break this cross-link, removing plaque gently from the teeth like repelling magnets.

No need to brush hard!

Benefits of KISS YOU Ionic

  • Kiss away plaque—one of the leading causes of bad breath
  • Whitens teeth—now, you can smile more confidently
  • Improves gum health—no more bleeding gums due to brushing hard
  • Economical—replaceable brush, no need to buy toothpaste
  • Comes in cool blue color

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It is not a regular or electric toothbrush that forces plaque off the teeth by friction, hence causing abrasive action on the teeth and gums. The innovative ionic action of the toothbrush allows the teeth to let go of plaque easily like turning off a magnet. It is clinically proven by studies in Japan to remove up to 48%More Plaque than regular toothbrushes.

Daily usage of an ionic toothbrush will make your teeth Brighter with
Little or No Plaque at all the next time you visit a dentist.

Many health-conscious consumers now prefer the Ionic toothbrush over an electric one: Silent, Small, and Ready-to-use anywhere it doesn’t need a charger or adaptor thanks to itsintegrated 3V lithium battery.

Product Benefits

  1. Removes up to 48% more plaque than ordinary toothbrushes

    2. Cleans teeth effectively without abrasive action

    3. Refreshes the mouth & prevents tooth decay & bad breath

    4. Suitable for adults and children

How to use

1.Hold the toothbrush withthe thumb touching the metal stem
2.Wet the metal stem areabefore brushing your teeth
3. Ensure that all areas of yourteeth are properly brushed for a few minutes
4. The metal stemmust be kept wet at all times for the ionic action to be activatedduring the brushing process
5.Rinse the
brush headproperly after each use

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