Moony baby wipes soft materials case 80*1

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Product Description

Moony baby wipes soft materials case 80*1 are thin, yet there are 3 layers to each wipe - a cushion layer and a “cashmere-touch” layer on top and bottom. Every wipe leaves a soft, clean touch. Blue line indicators of the last five wipes let you know it is time to refill soon. The cute Baby Pooh design on the case has a pop up button that pushes wipes toward the top of the case. It is easy to grab, even with one hand..

Benefits of Product

  • Soft cashmere-layers
  • 99% pure water
  • Alcohol free
  • Fragrance free
  • Paraben-free compound
  • Baby Pooh case with push button feature

Opens withone-touch
Has lift-up button and child lock

Easy to retrieve one ata time with one hand.
Container features a Baby Pooh design

Lift-up button
Easyto retrieve even if supply is low

If it becomesdifficult 

to take out due tolow supply,

just press up thebutton on the bottom

Child lock

Simply lock withone-touch so you can feel reassured even if your child plays aroundwith the container 

Cannot be flushed downthe toilet

Can be used for boththe hands and body

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