Night Pull Ups Moony. Large size. For Girls. (9-14kg) (20-31 lbs) 30 count.

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Brand: Unicharm Corporation
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Mix and match diapers, pull-ups and formula.

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Moony Night Pants absorb 140% more than regular Moony Pants in the same size.

Twice more adjacent to child's body to reduce risk of leakage.

Made with Soft Retch material that is very stretchable and feels like cotton at the same time.

Funky designs from Cars that boys will love!

Your baby's bottom will always be dry, and his mood will be perfect.

The breathable material makes sweat evaporate, and special scattering cells effectively absorb the "baby's surprises" and protect the baby's skin from the appearance of diaper rash.

Soft elastic material!

Preexisting diapers stretched through the use of various sets on fabric that was not originally stretchy, like the fabric of a baby's shirt. New material Soft Retch stretches by itself, like the knitted fabric used for stockings. Use of stretchy material on a diaper is a truly revolutionary invention!

Have you ever felt bad for a child when finding traces remaining from elastics on the front of his legs? The diaper-panties Moony (sizes M, L, Big) used material Soft Retch at the front of the diaper in the area at the top of the legs. These diapers gently hug the child's body and prevent leakage, while not pinching the area around the legs.

Manufacturer: Unicharm Corporation, Japan

Night Pull-Ups Moony for girls Large size

  • Pants for baby:                                      

  • Size Large for girls (9-14kg) (20-31lbs) 30 count

  • For Night Time Use   

  • Soft touch

  • Super absorbent

  • Made in Japan

Yoonhyung Chang 26/04/2020
Never leak
The best night diapers ever
Evgenia Menkhaus 16/04/2020
Great diapers. My fav. stay dry. I usually buy 1 size up and use them at night.
ANNA EAGLE-ODEN 28/03/2020
Japanese diapers are the best diapers on the market. Once you try them you will not go back to any other brands on earth.
These particular the night time are amazing!
I also love the fact that they are made for genders, Not just unisex! I have boy and girl twins.
Yoonhyung Chang 22/08/2019
Soft and safe for baby. Never leaks.
Iryna 08/04/2019
best night diaper we've tried. I leave this diaper on my baby all night and there is no rush in the morning
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