Virus blocker Nanoclo2 Black

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Prepare yourselves for disasters, and keep your air sanitized with this highly reviewed product from Japan. This virus blocker from Nanoclo2 emits Cl02 that neutralizes all known pathogens up to 99%; thus, stopping the spread of viruses, bacteria, and allergens. 

Benefits of the Product

This virus blocker is perfect for pregnant women and children, keeping them sanitized and safe from sickness and infections anytime, whether during a natural disaster or merely visiting a hospital.

Virus blocker Nanoclo2 is a unique, effective tool for protecting your body from viruses, bacteria, infections and allergens! Developed by Japanese scientists to prevent earthquakes and tsunamis. The blocker effectively neutralizes almost all known pathogens bacteria, allergens, eliminates unpleasant odors caused by microorganisms, and instantly stops the spread of virus by destroying their protein structure Nanoclo2 neutralizes only pathogenic microorganisms without causing harm to human or animals cells. The virus blocker is completely safe for health. It does not emit free chlorine and does not cause toxic symptoms in the human body. It is totally safe for the pregnant women and the children! It activates from interaction with the air after opening aluminum package. The expiration date of the active ingredients is 2 months. Made in Japan.


  1. Since chlorine dioxide generating case is reversible type with white on one side and black on the other side, you can put your favorite colour for clothes etc.
  2. Place the chlorine dioxide generator in a card case with a clip, please wear it.
  3. The duration period is about 2 months
  4. In full package:
    -One badge with active ingredients in aluminum package.
    -Case for a badge with a clip
    -The list for marks about planned replacement of a badge with active agent.

    Clo2 is amazing work for removing virus and powerful deodorization in airspace: Making Fresh Air!!

    • Removing almost of all virus in airspace
    • Effect of deodorant by Clo2 is faster and much works than Chlorine
    • The deodorant effect is expected to resolute for fundamental of bad odor by chemical oxidative decomposition.

    Safety of Clo2:
    Clo2 is usually used in a tooth paste and a mouse wash in the US and bleach for noodle and sanitary for foods materials.

    The safety has been certified and guaranteed by FDA (United States Food and Drug Administration) and WHO (World Health Organization) , which have one of the world’s most stringent evaluation standards, and it has already been injected and used in water purification and pools even in USA, Canada, Europe etc. It is. Furthermore, it is approved in Japan for used by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare for treatment of tap water and disinfection of swimming pools.

    What's Chlorine Dioxide (Clo2) ?

    Structure of disinfection and deodorization by chlorine dioxide molecules

    Chlorine dioxide is a gas formed from sodium chlorite (NaClO 2) and acidic substances such as acetic acid or citric acid and is represented by ClO 2 in the chemical formula.
    Chlorine dioxide is a molecule with free radicals (unpaired electrons), and it always tries to deprive electrons from other molecules (viruses, fungi, molds, odors) floating in the air.

    A substance that is deprived of electrons loses its inherent function by changing its component structure.

    nanoclo 2

    “Nanoclo2” is active in various scenes where viruses and bacteria float and are susceptible to infection.

    Evidence of effectiveness for Nanoclo2

    It is taken the performance evaluation test by a official third party inspection organization in Japan.

    -Virus / Bacteria 99% reduction after 24 hours
    -Reduce the odor residual rate to 0 to 20% or less!
    -Evaluation test for eradication and deodorization performance for viruses, bacteria and odor by nanoclo (former type)
    -Inspection agency: Kitasato Environmental Science Center (2002 June)

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