What is the difference between these Japanese diapers? Comparison of Merries, Moony, and Goo.N


Every parent wants to give theirchild the best of everything to make the life of the child comfortable. In thebaby’s first years of life, it is very important to become friends with gooddiapers. Not only does health depend on this, but the baby’s sleep and mood, aswell as the general atmosphere in the family, do too. If the parents get enoughsleep, spend more time with their child, and not spend all their time washingdiapers, bed-sheets, underpants, and stockings, then they will have morepatience,and will be strong enough to fully enjoy the great happiness of theirlittle human.

As the head of the online store, I carefully pick the range of products to best meet the needsof our customers. After long collaborations with different brands andconversations with our regular customers, I got a clear view that the Japanesediapers today are the best choice for caring parents. But the problem is thatJapanese retail chain brands have little representation. To compensate for thelack of useful information about these important children's assistants, I willtry to shed some light on the subject today.

The most popular are Japanesediapers and pull-ups Merries, Moony, GooN. I'm sure you're wondering what thedifference is between them. In order to answer as fully as possible, let'sfocus on each brand separately.

Comparative characteristics of Japanese diapers

To have more information toprovide advice to our customers, we, of course, ourselves also studied thediapers of all three brands. It is clear that the most delicate of all thediapers appeared to be Merries. Comparing GooN and Moony, we did not feel a significant difference in terms ofdensity. Perhaps that is why GooN and Moony are able to absorb more liquid thanMerries. The fastest absorbing diapers are Moony.

However, always keep in mind yourchild's propensity to allergic reactions. The more liquid the diaper absorbs,the longer you do not have to change it. On the one hand - this is anadvantage, and on the other - a drawback. If your child is prone to allergies,prolonged skin contact with the infant diaper is not desirable - you'd betterchange the diaper more often. In this matter, you yourself should decide. Ifthe skin of your baby suffers prolonged contact with the surface of the diaperwithout problems, you can approach both Moony and GooN. In this case, you willnot disturb the baby too often to change his/her diaper and will save money forother necessities. But if the baby's skin is prone to all sorts of allergicreactions, prickly heat, rashes and redness, and the risk is not worth takingchances -  you can safely choose Merries!After all, the health of your heir or heiress is worth more than all the moneyin the world.

Comparison of the characteristics of Japanese diapers

Specifications Merries Monny GooN
Fluid absorption rate312
Allergic reaction123
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Diapers of all three manufacturersare quite suitable for most children. Judging by the feedback from our loyalcustomers, unless the child poops during the night, it can stand all night inone diaper Merries or Moony or GooN. The main thing is to choose the rightsize.

After trying everything, you willbe able to evaluate their possible benefits in relation to your childspecifically. After that it will be easy to opt for a brand you like, althoughsome of our customers are using diapers from all three manufacturers. Afterall, these products are very high quality. For the convenience of the child,they have special grooves on the inner surface, allowing to absorb the wastewithout touching the delicate skin of the infant. Due to this structure of thediaper, the baby's bottom will remain clean and most importantly dry because itrises above the recesses in the material.

How to pick the right size?

Your baby will always becomfortable in a diaper, if you choose the right size, which depends on theweight of the child.

For example, if you need diapersMerries for the smallest - that is the size of NB (5 kg) and S (4-8 kg). Theyare designed not to squeeze the tummy and not to disturb the wound on thenavel. That is why in the smallest sizes of diapers Merries there are no bandsaround the tummy. It would seem that it is an undeniable advantage, butaccording to our clients due to lack of gum they may leak, especially on theback. I want to reassure you: from size M (6-11 kg) and up further gum has beenprovided in Merries because the baby grows up and moves more. Also without gumthe diaper will just fall off.

Moony Baby diapers (size NB (5 kg)and S (4-8 kg)) differ by another advantage. In the area of the navel, theyprovide a cutout for the navel, which is designed not to harm the draining ofthe navel or injure the stump of the umbilical cord that has not transgressedyet.

Choosing between diapers, keep inmind that Meries are smaller; that is, GooN and Moony of the same size will beslightly larger. Therefore, if you use diapers Merries but the child has grown,you can buy GooN or Moony that are intended for the same weight. After thetransition to the next size, there is a monetary increase of the value of thediaper, and temporarily choosing GooN or Moony, you will save money.Manufacturers tend to form a package so that when the size increases thepackage remains the same and the number of diapers in it decreases.

Our regular customers often saythat for children of medium build (not too thin and not very fat) diaper shouldbe selected by focusing on the first digit of the weight range specified on thepackage. That is, if your baby weighs about 6 kg, he will most likely needdiaper Merries in size M, calculated on the weight of 6 to 11 kg. When the babygrows to 9 kg, skip to the next size - L, designed for children weighing from 9to 14 kg.

Detailed Size Chart

Size Merries Monny GooN
XSUp to 3kg (6 lbs)Up to 3kg (6 lbs)Up to 3kg (6 lbs)
NBUp to 5kg (11 lbs)Up to 5kg (11 lbs)Up to 5kg (11 lbs)
S4-8kg (9-18 lbs)4-8kg (9-18 lbs)4-8kg (9-18 lbs)
M6-11kg (13-24 lbs)6-11kg (13-24 lbs)6-11kg (13-24 lbs)
L9-14kg (20-31 lbs)9-14kg (20-31 lbs)9-14kg (20-31 lbs)
XL12-22kg (26-44 lbs)12-22kg (26-44 lbs)12-20kg (26-44 lbs)
XXL15-28kg (33-61 lbs)13-28kg (29-61 lbs)-
GenderUnisexUnisex, girl, boyUnisex, girl, boy
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I want to talk about this type ofdiaper because they are extremely popular among our customers.

Pull-ups of all threemanufacturers barely differ from one another. They all are intended to be tornon the sides to be taken off the baby. The only difference is that it is harderto tear GooN compared to Merries and Moony.

In order for the baby diaper tonever be too tight, it is necessary to take into account the child'scomplexion, the size of the child's stomach after a meal in a sitting position,as well as the density of gum on diapers around legs and tummy. According toour customers, pull-ups GooN have very dense and elastic band around thestomach, and legs. They are followed by Merries. But the most gum-free diapersare Moony.

According to the customer reviews,the differences between products in thickness and volume of the liquidabsorbency is not very significant. However, Merries are considered to be the finest.Because of this advantage, they absorb a little less than the other twosamples. Moony follow Merries, and GooN are recognized by our customers as thedensest. No one noticed significant differences between GooN and Moony in theabsorption qualities.

In the ranking by softness, brandMoony is considered a winner. Many parents believe the biggest advantage isthat GooN and Moony have lines that make diapers separately for boys and girls.For boys embodiment is configured such that the special absorbency zone islocated slightly higher and for girls - just slightly lower, given theanatomical differences.


Characteristic Merries Monny GooN
Rubber Density231
Soft panty312
GenderUnisexUnisex, girl, boyUnisex, girl, boy
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Advice that will make your lifeeasier

What diapers are best for newborns

To sum it up, I want to advise tochoose diapers Merries or Moony for newborns. I have never heard from customersof our online store anything negative towards the brands. Then you can tryGooN, combine them. Time will tell which combination of diapers is right foryour child.

When to change diapers on panties

Now let's talk about switching topull-ups. Replace the diapers by pull-ups when the baby begins to move a lot.It is difficult to catch a moving baby to put a diaper on. I also advise tryingMerries first. Then you can try the other Japanese pull-ups. If the monetaryside of the issue is not your primary concern, then the best choice will beMoony.

Among our clients there are activesupporters of Merries only, others love only Moony, many buyers prefer to buyonly GooN. There are, of course, parents who love to experiment and will tryother Japanese diapers and then go back to the original selection.

An inventive solution of one of our customers proved to be verypractical: during the day  baby wears adiaper of one size, and at night a product of a larger size. This is useful duringperiods of active growth of the baby, who, growing up, increases the durationof sleep and thus releases more liquid.

The whole experience of our online store and the positive feedback from our loyal customers prove thatthe Japanese diapers – diapers of really top quality – are presented in theRussian trading network. The final choice depends on your financialcapabilities and features of your baby.