Baby Formula Stage 2


Whether your baby started with breast milk or infant formula, they took in the nutrition they need to grow and thrive. European baby formula is categorized by stages. Stage 1 is for infants from birth on and has the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that are important for the first 12 months. Baby formula stage 2, also known as follow-on milk, has all of the same nutrients, but it meets the needs of a growing, hungry baby. While it is still easy to digest, it is made for babies from 6 months on. Compared to stage 1, stage 2 has more casein protein which helps a baby feel fuller longer. In some cases, starch is added to keep that feeling of fullness between feedings. There is also a slightly higher amount of certain vitamins and minerals like iron. All of these things support nutritional needs even as solid foods are introduced.

European baby formula stage 2 meets the guidelines established by the European Union. These products are organic, often produced on farms that practice biodynamic agriculture. Just as each brand is unique, so are the benefits and special features that make them stand out from the others.

Products of Baby Formula Stage 2

All of the organic baby formula stage 2 products that are available on our website are suitable for babies from six months on. The following brands are some of the best of Europe and even the world. 

Holle Baby Formula Stage 2

  • Holle Cow Milk Formula Stage 2
  • Holle Goat Milk Formula Stage 2

Holle is the only baby formula on the list that is Demeter-certified. This level of organic certification means that there are no harmful ingredients used in the area of any of the ingredients. This high quality comes from the harmony of the animals, land, and people in the community. Cows are never dehorned and natural methods are used to remove insects or weeds. Holle uses organic maltodextrin to thicken their formulas as well as balance its sweetness without adding unnecessary sugars. As one of the pioneers of biodynamic baby food, Holle has a high standard that has been a part of infant and toddler nutrition for decades. 

HiPP Baby Formula Stage 2

  • HiPP Dutch Stage 2
  • HiPP German Stage 2
  • HiPP UK Stage 2

HiPP is another high quality baby formula brand with years of experience. The formula is fortified with all of the vitamins and minerals that babies need, but also prebiotic fibers and probiotics from lactose to promote gut health. Even DHA from omega 3 contributes to brain and eye development. HiPP stands out from some of the other formulas at this stage because it still uses only organic lactose as its only carbohydrate. HiPP markets itself to other countries, which is why there are three versions of baby formula Stage 2. HiPP Dutch does not contain starch or soy lecithin. HiPP UK doesn’t have starch or probiotics.

Topfer Baby Formula Stage 2

  • Topfer Stage 2

Topfer Lactana formula also comes from a long history of organic infant nutrition. For over 100 years, it has been used for exclusive feedings or as a supplement to breast milk before weaning. This German product starts with milk from southern Germany that meets high organic standards. It contains long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids for brain and eye development, but also bifidobacteria cultures that are probiotics for gut health.

Topfer Stage 2 Lactana Organic (Bio) Follow-On Infant Milk Formula (600g)
Topfer Stage 2 Lactana Organic (Bio) Follow-On Infant Milk Formula (600g)

Lebenswert Baby Formula Stage 2

  • Lebenswert Stage 2

Lebenswert formula relies on its natural goodness. Because it is part of Bioland Association, the largest organic food association in Germany, it uses raw ingredients that meet or exceed the strict guidelines of the EU including no chemical or synthetic exposure. Biodynamic farming means that the cows have room to roam in a sustainable environment. There is no added sugar, especially in the organic formula stage 2, however it does contain maltodextrin to balance the natural sweetness of the German milk. Lebenswert has been a part of the Holle family of products since 2009.

NannyCare Baby Formula Stage 2

  • NannyCare Goat Milk Formula Stage 2

NannyCare is passionate about goat milk for its ease on a baby’s developing digestive system. The milk comes from New Zealand which makes it a high quality ingredient. Goat milk also has softer curd which is easier to digest. Compared to cow’s milk, it also has less lactose. NannyCare is fortified with all of the necessary vitamins and minerals. NannyCare does not add any additional sugars and only contains lactose as a carbohydrate. These are some of the features that are important to parents when feeding their hungry baby.

Loulouka Baby Formula Stage 2

  • Loulouka Stage 2

Loulouka is proud to be by parents for parents. This brand uses high quality ingredients such as Swiss milk, but it is changing the standard of organic ingredients for babies. For one thing, Loulouka uses coconut oil instead of palm oil because it has shown in research that it is better for calcium absorption in the bones during this developmental period. Also, Loulouka uses sunflower lecithin instead of soy lecithin as an emulsifier. For those who are trying to avoid all soy products, especially in organic baby formula stage 2, this switch is an important one.

The European baby formula stage 2 has a wide variety of brands that meet the nutritional needs of babies six months and older when they need something that is filling. The choices range from types of milk, types of carbohydrates, and even the choice whether or not to use prebiotics. If your baby is ready to move up to the next stage, you can buy baby formula stage 2 right here from the Take a closer look at your favorite brand or wean your breastfed baby to one of these great choices.