Does Hipp Organic Formula Cause Constipation

When a baby is uncomfortable from gas, bloating, and difficulty moving their bowels, any caregiver will do what they can to ease their discomfort in the safest way possible. Constipation can be caused by a number of issues, and sometimes a change in baby formula can make alleviate the problem. Hipp formula for constipation is a great choice for digestive issues.

Infant Constipation: Definition and Causes

Infant constipation occurs when a baby is struggling to have a bowel movement. Most babies will poop about once a day. A baby’s primary nourishment – breast milk or baby formula – will determine the normal consistency. However, if a baby struggles with a bowel movement for over ten minutes, is excessively fussy, or passes hard stools that may contain blood, it suggests infant constipation.

Babies can get constipated with a change in diet, such as solid foods, but it can happen before eating cereals and fruits. Some digestive issues are caused by sensitivities to certain ingredients.

Formula Hipp and Constipation in Baby

Hipp organic combiotic relieves constipation because of its high quality ingredients that aid digestion. Constipation can cause gut discomfort, but prebiotic and probiotics similar to those found in breast milk can help support a healthy gut flora and bowel movements.

Benefits of Hipp Formula

There are two types of Hipp Organic First Infant Milk for constipation. Hipp Combiotik is made with high quality ingredients mimicking breast milk as close as possible. One way of doing this is adding prebiotics and probiotics to promote gut health. Hipp Special Comfort is specifically for babies with digestive problems including constipation, colic, and excessive gas.

If there has not been a diet change, constipation may be caused by a reaction to ingredients. For example, lactose may cause swelling in the intestines and inflammation that can lead to constipation. Another problem may be related to a cow milk protein allergy. Hipp Special Comfort allows baby to have a healthy formula diet with fewer causes for constipation and discomfort.

Products of Hipp Formula

Smaller Milk Proteins

If a reaction to milk proteins is causing baby constipation, Hipp organic has made that easier on baby because it has started breaking them down. Cow’s milk consists of two types of protein: casein and lactalbumin. Some babies had a difficult time with their delicate digestive system, so a hydrolyzed protein formula like Hipp Special Comfort aids digestion and reducing adverse reactions like constipation.

Evenly Distributed Fats

Just like milk protein, the fats that are found in milk can be large and challenging for babies with digestive troubles. When milk fat is broken up, it is able to distribute throughout the milk rather than come together and creating thick globs.

GOS Fibers

Galacto-oligosaccharide (GOS) fibers are prebiotic fibers that are found in milk. One of the many reasons why breast milk is the perfect food for babies is that it has prebiotics that aids a baby’s gut health.

When it comes to Hipp organic formula and constipation, the Special Comfort and Hipp Combiotik contains GOS for this reason. GOS are indigestive fibers that support the gut flora that is in the digestive system. It softens stool naturally so that it is easier to move the bowels. GOS is also the food for probiotics.

Natural Lactic Acid Cultures

The gut already has good bacteria, or probiotics, that helps break down foods in the intestines. One way to give it a boost is to feed it prebiotics. Sometimes digestive issues come when there is not a healthy balance in the gut flora.

Hipp organic uses lactobacillus fermentum hereditum (L. fermentum hereditum), which is a natural lactic acid culture strain. Not only does it thrive in the digestive tract and help relieve constipation symptoms, but it is also a positive contributor to a healthy immune system.

Hipp Organic Milk Formula in Resolving Constipation Issues

When your baby is having problems with gas, colic, and constipation, you want to relieve these tummy troubles. If your baby is too young to start solids, an organic baby formula like Hipp Combiotic may support your baby’s gut flora and soften the stool to make it easier to go.

Hipp Special Comfort is available for digestive issues such as milk protein allergy. In some cases, babies struggle with constipation issues once they start solid foods. It is good to have a baby formula like Hipp that already has GOS and natural lactic acid cultures to aid digestion.

Are you ready to try the best European organic baby formula that can ease your baby’s symptoms of constipation? It is available today at our online website. Hipp Special Comfort has only one stage for babies from birth on. Hipp Combiotic is available in three stages for infants. With fast deliver, friendly service, and great discounts, you and your baby will both be feeling better.

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