Does Hipp Formula Contain Palm Oil

For a well-balanced baby formula, it needs to contain carbohydrates, protein, and fats. It is important to know the ingredients and how it may affect your baby. Is palm oil, one of the ingredients in many baby formulas, a good choice for your baby? Does Hipp formula have palm oil in its ingredient list?

HiPP Organic Formula with palm oil

What is Palm Oil

Palm Oil

Fat is one of the important components of any diet, especially for infants. It is a source of energy and aids in the baby’s development. Fats are also important to the absorption of some of the vitamins and minerals that the body needs. Palm oil is one of the types of fats that is used in baby formulas. It is an oil derived from the palm tree and is typically used for nutritional purposes.

Why is Palm Oil in Baby Formula

Many infant formula companies use palm oil as a source of fat because it is similar to the oleic acid and palmitic acid found in breast milk. Oleic and palmitic acids are the two major fatty acids in breast milk, therefore baby formula companies attempt to mimic that composition with palm oil.

Palm oil also have other nutritional benefits. It is high in vitamin E and beta-carotene, so it is ideal for vision development. A diet that includes palm oil means that there is less chance of a vitamin A deficiency. Palm oil is also a source of vitamin K.

What is Wrong with Palm Oil in Baby Formula

There has been clinical studies that reveal an effect that palm oil may have on a baby’s growth and development. While it mimics breast milk to a certain degree, palm oil may reduce the absorption of calcium and fat as well as reduce bone mineral content or density. Harder stool was also reported in some babies that is connected to the use of palm oil.

Does Hipp Formula Have Palm Oil

Hipp Organic formula has palm oil as one of its fat ingredients. It is an organic ingredient that is sustainably sourced. As a provider of organic foods in Europe, Hipp must adhere to the strict rules of organic guidelines. Hipp is known to exceed those expectations, which is not necessarily followed by baby formula companies in the United States.

The palm oil in Hipp formula is not the only source of fat for babies. The European baby formula has a combination of organic vegetable oils in all of their formulas under their brand. Those oils are:

  • Organic palm oil
  • Organic rapeseed oil
  • Organic sunflower oil

Hipp Formula Composition

The main ingredient in Hipp formula is skim milk from cows raised according to biodynamic farming methods and whey protein. Lactose is the only sweetener used in all of its stages. Lactose is the milk sugar found in breast milk. All of the Hipp products with the exception of Hipp UK contains GOS prebiotic as well as L. Fermentum probiotic. The UK version has omitted the probiotic from its ingredients.

While Hipp Organic formula has palm oil for fat content, the formula also uses vegetable and fish oils as an organic source for DHA in their PRE and Stage 1 formulas. DHA is a fatty acid that supports brain and vision development.

Parents Reviews About Hipp Formula

While parents may be concerned with an ingredient that may impact a baby’s growth and development, the amount of palm oil in Hipp formula is not as great of a concern to them as other ingredients in baby formula may be. It is understood that palm oil is just one of three types of vegetable oil used in the product, and may be in smaller amounts in the blend.

Hipp is one of the best brands of organic baby formula in Europe because of its dedication to biodynamic farming, high quality ingredients, and prebiotic and probiotic supplements that support gut health. It uses lactose as a carbohydrate rather than table sugar, corn syrup, or other overly sweet sugar products whether they are natural or synthetic. Hipp also obtains DHA from vegetable and fish oil, not from ingredients that require the use of hexane solvent to derive the DHA.

Parents around the world rave about the happiness they have found by feeding their baby Hipp organic formula. Whether they are supplementing Hipp while they breastfeed, are weaning their baby off the breast, or starting their infant with the formula on Day 1, they share their votes of satisfaction. From less gas and constipation to safer ingredient, they are happy to look past the use of palm oil.


While Hipp Organic Formula has palm oil as one of its ingredients, it is not the only source of fat that aids your baby’s growth and development. It is part of a combination of organic vegetable oils that meets or exceeds the guidelines of the European Union.

The amount of palm oil may also not be as concerning to parents, especially when other questionable ingredients fail to meet their expectations. Not only does Hipp organic contain lactose as a natural sweetener just like breast milk, but it also has supplemental prebiotics and probiotics to support gut health and improve bowel movements. The use of palm oil in baby formula may be a huge concern to some parents, but Hipp has been making organic baby food for decades with generations of happy, healthy babies.

If you have not tried Hipp organic baby formula for your baby, you may be pleasantly surprised by the results. The organic ingredients and the benefits of the prebiotics and probiotics may ease tummy troubles and constipation symptoms. Most importantly, it will nourish your baby and leave them satisfied until the next bottle of Hipp formula comes their way. Find your baby’s stage for a great price at our online shop now!

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