Best Formula Milk for Baby 0-6 Months

You want only the best for your baby. If you choose formula milk for the first six months, be confident in the one that nourishes your baby. Products from the USA are good enough and accessible in local stores, but there is a better alternative when it comes to the growth and development of your infant. The best formula milk for baby 0-6 months comes from across the ocean. Organic European milk is often the best choice with many benefits for infants 0-6 months. You can also choose between cow and goat milk.

Best Formula Cow Milk for Baby 0-6 Months

The American Academy of Pediatricians recommends that all infants are breastfed from 0-6 months because of the benefits for both the mom and the baby. However, there can be challenges or setbacks for many mothers that can lead them to infant formula. Cow milk formula is the most common because of vitamins and minerals that naturally occur in milk. Formula is easier on an infant’s immature digestive system and is fortified in ways that whole milk is not.

The best organic milk formula for baby 0-6 months come from HiPP, Holle, Lebenswert, Loulouka, and Topfer. In Europe, Stage 1 formula is designed for newborns and up.

HiPP Cow Formula

HiPP is one of the best organic infant formula brands in Europe with a long history of feeding babies. It contains prebiotics and probiotics as well as specialty formulas for particular dietary needs.

HiPP Stage 1 – German Version 0-6 Months

HiPP Stage 1 has prebiotic fibers and probiotic cultures to promote a healthy gut. Ingredients such as lactose and whey are organic from biodynamic agriculture. European formula such as HiPP have strict organic guidelines to meet, even more so than in the USA.

HiPP Stage 1 – Dutch Version 0-6 Months

HiPP Dutch is marketed for the Netherlands. It is the only HiPP product in a round tin instead of the box. It has prebiotics and probiotic for gut health similar to that found in breast milk. It also will never have starch at any stage.

HiPP Stage 1 – UK Version 0-6 Months

The UK also has its own version of HiPP infant formula. This version only has the prebiotics, not the probiotics. It may look like the German version as it comes in the box, but the packaging is printed in English.

HiPP Hypoallergenic Stage 1 – German Version 0-6 Months

Some infants are more sensitive to ingredients, so a hypoallergenic version such as HiPP HA provides them all of the nutrition they require without the reactions that some foods cause. Lactose is reduced and proteins are hydrolyzed for easier digestion without triggering allergic reactions.

HiPP (AR) Anti-Reflux – 0-6 Months

Some babies, like those diagnosed with GER, are prone to spit ups because the muscles in the esophagus and stomach cannot keep the food down. A thicker formula like HiPP AR uses organic locust bean gum to help with reflux and regurgitation.

HiPP Comfort – 0-6 Months

Another digestive issue for some babies revolves around gas, colic, bloating, and constipation. HiPP Comfort is designed to help those babies with tummy troubles. This formula uses less lactose, hydrolyzed proteins, and a special fat structure to make it easier for baby.

Holle Cow Formula

Holle is one of the pioneer companies of Demeter agriculture practices. It is one of the strictest versions of biodynamic farming that promotes harmony within the land, animals, and humans. The end result is high quality baby formula and food.

Holle Stage PRE – 0-6 Months

Stage PRE means the formula focuses on the immature digestive system of newborns. Holle only uses lactose as a carbohydrate and no starches including that from maltodextrin. Holle also uses more of the healthy fat from milk than from vegetable oils.

Holle Stage 1 – 0-6 Months

Holle is 99% organic, which is a high standard for any baby formula. In some cases, it exceeds the standards of the European Union. Any non-organic ingredients are the vitamins and minerals required for infant development.

Lebenswert Bio Formula

Lebenswert focuses on the simple goodness of its product. It is certified organic by the Bioland Association, the largest organic food association in Germany. Lebenswert uses the natural sweetness of their organic milk instead of sugars or syrups.

Lebenswert Stage 1 – 0-6 Months

The star of Lebenswert’s formula is the milk. It is naturally sweet and contains organic lactose, the natural sugar that comes from milk. The balance of vitamins and minerals makes it a great choice for a baby’s growth and development.

Loulouka Formula

Loulouka formula is one of the newest European baby formulas available in the USA. It is made by parents for parents emphasizing the quality ingredients for an infant’s growth such as higher fat content and coconut oil instead of palm oil.

Loulouka Stage 1 – 0-6 Months

Loulouka uses high quality, organic Swiss whole milk as the main ingredient of their formula. Another key ingredient is coconut oil, which has been shown to aid in the absorption of calcium for bone density compared to palm oil.

Topfer Formula

Topfer is another baby formula from Germany. It meets all of the strict organic guidelines from the European Union. It also contains probiotics to aid gut health in babies. As a supplement to breastfeeding or the primary food source, it is ideal for any newborn.

Topfer Stage 1 – 0-6 Months

Topfer starts with organic German milk and adds bifidobacterium cultures. This probiotic helps aid digestion and regulates bowel movements. The addition of fish oil along with other healthy oils boosts development with essential fatty acids.

Best Formula Goat Milk For Baby 0-6 Months

Goat milk is just as healthy and nutritious as cow milk. Some parents choose goat milk because the smaller, softer curd is easier to digest. Milk proteins are also smaller and may reduce reactions to protein allergies. It is also naturally lower in lactose than cow’s milk. With all of the vitamins and minerals, an organic goat milk formula can benefit every child as a supplement or replacement to breast milk.

One brand that makes the best organic formula milk for babies 0-6 months with cow’s milk also makes goat milk formula. Holle as well as NANNYCare are recognized for excellent goat milk formula.

Holle Goat Formula

Holle goat milk must follow the same strict guidelines for Demeter quality as the cow milk. This means that the goats thrive in open fields and are never dehorned. All ingredients are natural and never treated with chemicals or additives.

Holle Goat Stage 1 – 0-6 Months

Holle goat milk formula is 99% organic with goats that are raised on biodynamic farms. Everything that goes into the formula must been the highest standard of Demeter International. The end result is delicious goat milk that benefits a baby’s growth and development.

NANNYCare Goat Formula

NANNYCare, based out of the UK, was used in clinical trials to demonstrate that it is just as beneficial as cow milk formula. Some benefits include a casein profile similar to breast milk and easy-to-digest proteins.

NANNYCare Goat Stage 1 – 0-6 Months

NANNYCare was one of the first brands to prove that it was just as good as cow milk formula. Proteins can be easier to digest and it is a great source of medium-chain fatty acids and nucleotides. Made entirely of goat milk, it contains no whey proteins.

The Choice for the Best Formula Milk for Baby 0-6 Months

The choice for the best formula milk for baby 0-6 months in the USA is a tough one. There are many brands that talk about being the best, but they don’t prove it in their ingredient lists or quality of products.

The European organic baby formulas have already met the high standards of the EU. HiPP and Holle have a long history of high quality products. Lebenswert and Loulouka focus on the natural goodness of their ingredients from milk to oils. Topfer and NANNYCare stand out with their attention to benefiting a baby’s digestive system and nutritional needs.

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