Best Baby Bottle Nipples


The natural process of nursing starts with breastfeeding. Bottle feeding allows parents to nourish their baby with expressed breast milk or infant formula. The best baby bottle nipples should be easy enough and comfortable for a baby. There are a number of brands and styles of baby bottle nipples for newborns and infants, so it can be a challenge for parents to pick the right size, shape, and flow. Parents also look for the best baby bottle nipples for cereal when it comes time to start oatmeal, rice cereal, or similar products to start the path to solids. 

Brand Bottle Nipples

At The Best From Japan, we offer the best baby bottle nipples on the best website for quality baby products. We sell Pigeon nipples. This brand is most often used at hospitals and maternity clinics in Japan. Through research on the natural sucking behaviors of babies during breastfeeding, Pigeon focuses on three factors: attachment or latching, tongue movement, and swallowing. All Pigeon silicone nipples come with an air ventilation system to adjust air pressure and control milk flow. Whether you are supplementing breastfeeding with expressed breast milk or weaning to baby formula, these nipples are comfortable for breastfed babies. Each package contains two nipples.

List of Products

Pigeon Silcone Baby Bottle Nipples come in the following sizes for different age groups:

  • S Size from 0+ months
  • M Size from 3+ months
  • L Size from 6+ months
  • LL Size from 9+ months

Pigeon Silicone Baby Bottle Nipples S Size

The best baby bottle nipples for breastfed babies at the early age is slow flow. The Pigeon S Size is ideal for newborns so that they do not gulp too much or have milk come out too fast.

Pigeon Silicone Baby Bottle Nipples M Size

About the time that the baby turns 3 months, they have developed better sucking behaviors and can handle a faster flow for their appetite. The Pigeon M Size has a cross cut that is right for their needs. 

Pigeon Silicone Baby Bottle Nipples L Size

The nipple hole size gets bigger for babies who are six months and older. The Pigeon L size keeps up with their food demands with the three-cut tip. It can be your best baby bottle nipples for oatmeal.

Pigeon Silicone Baby Bottle Nipples LL Size

At nine months old, your baby will be getting ready for cups soon, but they still need a bottle. The Pigeon LL size has the three-cut tip for those older babies who can handle a quick flow and thicker formula with added cereal.