Best European Baby Formula


When looking for the best, European baby formula has premier brands that focus on what is best for children from birth on. 

Best Diapers for Newborns


When it comes to the best diapers for newborns, parents and caregivers are looking for products that are safe and effective. That means no leaks and no materials that can cause irritations and rashes on a baby’s sensitive skin.

Benefits of Organic Baby Formula


Baby formula is beneficial for mothers who cannot breastfeed, parents who want to supplement breast milk, or parents who choose to feed their baby exclusively from a bottle.

Best Diapers for Toddlers


The best diapers for toddlers need to be able to handle heavier wetting and more moves compared to those made for newborns. Diapers are essential items for every baby until they are potty trained and will be changed multiple times a day.

Best Diapers for Baby Boy


The best diapers for baby boys have to keep them dry and comfortable in the areas they soil most on a diaper. Boys will wet their diaper generally in the front, but they also need a diaper that will not stick to their skin no matter how humid it gets inside the diaper. 

Best Natural Diapers


The best natural diapers are products that are safe for baby as well as the environment. There are no harsh chemicals such as chlorine or latex that can irritate sensitive skin, or impact the environment after disposal. The other important feature of the best natural baby diapers is that they feel good. Soft material that is also breathable means more comfort for boys and girls. Renewable resources such as bamboo are great materials found in natural diapers.

Holle Vs Lebenswert


Holle and Lebenswert are two European baby companies that offer high quality baby formula to infants around the world. Some people may not realize that they are actually part of the same company. In 2009, the Lebenswert bio brand was introduced as part of the Holle family. Still, they are two different types of formulas with different agriculture philosophies and products. 

Baby Formula Stage 2


Whether your baby started with breast milk or infant formula, they took in the nutrition they need to grow and thrive. European baby formula is categorized by stages. Stage 1 is for infants from birth on and has the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that are important for the first 12 months. Baby formula stage 2, also known as follow-on milk, has all of the same nutrients, but it meets the needs of a growing, hungry baby. While it is still easy to digest, it is made for babies from 6 months on. Compared to stage 1, stage 2 has more casein protein which helps a baby feel fuller longer. In some cases, starch is added to keep that feeling of fullness between feedings. There is also a slightly higher amount of certain vitamins and minerals like iron. All of these things support nutritional needs even as solid foods are introduced.

Baby Formula Stage 1


From the moment that a baby is born, they require a special diet. Breast milk is best and is recommended exclusively for the first six months by the American Academy of Pediatrics. Baby formula can supplement breastfeeding or be the primary source of nutrition from birth or after weaning off the breast. There are plenty of baby products from which to choose and different ways to categorize them. Some brands are listed by stages. What do these mean, particular baby formula Stage 1?

Holle Vs HiPP Baby Formula


Holle and HiPP are two of the pioneers of biodynamic agriculture for infant and toddler food in Europe. They have made baby formula for decades, but they continue to be innovative and live by their organic philosophies. 

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