Moony Baby Diapers Medium. (6-11kg) (13-24lbs). 64 count.

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Mix and match diapers, pull-ups and formula.

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Japanese diapers Moony - Many parents find them the best among Japanese diapers. The skin of the newborn is 2 times thinner than the skin of adults, so it is easily exposed to external stimuli. Diapers Moony have a new layer of soft, silk-like material «Air Silky» that is more gentle to the child's skin. Due to this layer, the friction is reduced by 40%, compared with the other products of the company. Mooney diapers are more gentle to the skin and cause less irritation. Thanks to improvements in technology «Air Through», the company managed to achieve what was previously impossible - a combination of softness and high absorbency. A new layer of «Air Silky» is created from thin fibers, almost like silk fibers, which allows for unmatched smoothness to the touch.

Manufacturer: Unicharm Corporation, Japan

Moony Baby Diapers Medium

  • Diapers for baby: 

  • Size Medium(6-11kg)(13-24lbs) 64 count

  • Soft touch

  • Super absorbent

Made in Japan

Marco  20/07/2021
It’s the best baby diaper
Lub 28/03/2021
These diapers are the best. I have three children, i have tried everything. But I uses these for many years as it's impossible to find something better. Thank you for opportunity to buy it in USA.
IRYNA SHPIGEL 31/01/2021
5* diapers imported from Japan. Best for kids with Eczema prone skin.
Maria Ivanyutina 09/09/2019
Run large compare to merries for the same baby , had a few accidents already.
Sima U 07/12/2018
Have purchased these diapers for my baby girl to be. Have not used them yet. These diapers been recommended to me as superior alternative to any of the american brands as being super soft, breathable (prevents diaper rash).
Shipping from this company was smooth and fast. Plus prices here are very good and minimally different from other conventional diapers. I shopped during Black Friday so I got additional discount and purchased 6 various size packs so all and all that covered shipping expenses.
Svetlana Barshay-Okley 24/09/2018
The BEST DIAPERS! I am using them for my second child and never have been disappointed!:) they are soft and very dry!
Anna 08/03/2017
These are the best diapers ever! Super soft, unscented. Forget about any rash. A bit pricey, but it's worth it.
Oksana 30/12/2016
These are the best on the market. Great quality, great service, great price!
Liudmila 30/12/2016
I love this product! My baby does not have irritation using it. It is soft and fits good. The most thing I like about it as it does not have that chemical smell as huggies. I find them perfect for us. The service with this company is just great.
Alisa 29/12/2016
Using exclusively Japanese diapers since my baby was born. He never had rush nor any irritation, even in hot and sweaty summer days. No need for powder, ointment, and lotions. Moony are my favorite, but I've used Merries and Goon as well and there are great too! All of them are super soft and do not smell like many American brands.
Liudmila 28/12/2016
We love this product. Great in any way! It is soft, no allergy cause. No leaking.
Liudmila 28/12/2016
Great product! Just our favorite among others diapers on the market. Soft, no leaks. Good service in any way
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