Baby Formula Stage 1


From the moment that a baby is born, they require a special diet. Breast milk is best and is recommended exclusively for the first six months by the American Academy of Pediatrics. Baby formula can supplement breastfeeding or be the primary source of nutrition from birth or after weaning off the breast. There are plenty of baby products from which to choose and different ways to categorize them. Some brands are listed by stages. What do these mean, particular baby formula Stage 1?

Products of Baby Formula Stage 1

Baby formula Stage 1 is the first formula that a baby can have from birth on. It has all of the vitamins and minerals that are important to infant growth and development, but it is also gentle enough for a baby’s digestive system. The use of “stages” comes from Europe which has some of the best brands of baby formula in the world. The European Union has strict guidelines including the use of organic ingredients and the omission of ingredients that do not benefit babies including processed sugar

At The Best of Japan, you will find organic baby formula stage 1 and other stages from these great brands. Each of them has their own unique features and philosophy so that you can find the best choice for your baby.

Holle Baby Formula Stage 1

Holle is a pioneer in biodynamic agriculture and the only baby formula company that is Demeter certified. This high level of organic certification meets and exceeds the strict guidelines of the EU. Holle follows a philosophy that maintains a delicate balance of the land, the animals, and the people who live within their farming environment. This focus comes through in the goodness of their foods. Holle also offers baby formula stage 1 with goat milk.

Hipp Baby Formula Stage 1

Hipp is another pioneer in German biodynamic agriculture. The Hipp family has been producing baby food for decades and reaching out to markets all throughout Europe. Hipp Combiotic has a combination of prebiotics and probiotics to promote gut health in babies. They also use only lactose as the only carbohydrate, just like in breast milk. Hipp has three varieties of Stage 1 formulas with one that may be more ideal for your baby.

Topfer Baby Formula Stage 1

Topfer is another organic German brand that has been trusted by parents for years. It is easy to digest with small milk proteins and has bifido cultures or probiotics for gut health. Another feature is the long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids that are connected to brain and eye development.

Lebenswert Baby Formula Stage 1

Lebenswert is known for its focus on the simplicity of its baby formula. It uses the natural sweetness of its organic milk as the flavor rather than additives that are unnecessary in a high-quality product. Lebenswert is a part of the Bioland Association, the largest organic food association in Germany. They also meet or exceed the EU guidelines for baby formula.

Loulouka Baby Formula Stage 1

Loulouka is made with whole Swiss milk. As fat is important to brain development, the makers of Loulouka wanted to keep the fat and calories that is already in the high quality milk to support that growth. Another difference in ingredients is the use of coconut oil instead of palm oil for better nutrient absorption. Loulouka is proud to be created by parents for parents.

  • Loulouka Stage 1

NannyCare Baby Formula Stage 1

NannyCare is based out of the United Kingdom. This company focuses on goat milk which has been a choice for babies with cow milk sensitivity. The smaller proteins, less lactose, and softer curd can be easier for babies to digest and may be more hypoallergenic than cow milk.

Organic baby formula Stage 1 can be the first thing that your baby will eat or the transitional food when weaning. No matter which brand you choose, Stage 1 is fortified with everything a baby needs in the first year, even when starting solids. From cow milk to goat milk or probiotics to just milk, you can find a brand that fits your interests or even your organic philosophy. You can buy organic baby formula Stage 1 all in one place at The Best of Japan.