Best Diapers for Baby Boy


The best diapers for baby boys have to keep them dry and comfortable in the areas they soil most on a diaper. Boys will wet their diaper generally in the front, but they also need a diaper that will not stick to their skin no matter how humid it gets inside the diaper. The best brand for boy baby infant diapers has to be soft to the touch, keeps pee and poop away from the skin, and can last well overnight. 

Brands of Diapers for a Boy

Some of the best diapers for newborn baby boys come from Japan. Even though there are a number of good brands from the USA, there is a higher level of quality from Japan that many of the American brands cannot touch. The material is softer to the touch and is better at keeping wetness and stool away from sensitive skin. They are made from the best ecologically pure, safe materials and will never contain bleach, formaldehyde, lotions, or fragrances. They come in a large range of sizes with cute designs for boys, but parents might be just as interested in how affordable the price is. Some brands also have a “natural” line which is made of organic cotton. Three of the best brands that we will review are:

  • Merries
  • Moony
  • Goon


Merries diapers have a dual channel absorbent core that keep baby boys dry in sensitive areas without irritation, even overnight. The wavy top sheet means air can circulate within the diaper and its softness will not stick to skin. The “W” shape in the crotch stays snug to prevent leaks while it allows baby boys to move and be active as they grow. Infant Merries diapers on can start as low as 31 cents per diaper. 

Merries diapers comes in the following sizes:


Moony diapers are high quality using non-toxic palm wood fibers for maximum absorbency and gentleness. Gathers are stretchy and prevent leaks. Infant Moony diapers on can start as low as 31 cents per diaper for regular diapers and 48 cents per diaper for “Natural” organic. 

Moony diapers come in the following sizes:

Moony “Natural” diapers come in the following sizes:

  • Newborn - up to 11 pounds, 66 count
  • Small - 8-17 pounds, 60 count
  • Medium - 13-24 pounds, 48 count
  • Large - 20-31 pounds, 40 count


Goon diapers have an outer mesh to keep baby dry and Vitamin E infused to keep sensitive skin soft. The 3D texture of the embossed sheets allow babies to be dry because it helps avoid direct skin contact which can lead to irritation. Goon’s deodorizing effect helps prevent strong diaper smells. Goon stands out from some competitors because it also has an XL size. Infant Goon diapers on can start as low as 31 cents per diaper. 

Goon diapers comes in the following sizes:

  • Newborn - up to 11 pounds, 90 count
  • Small - 9-18 pounds, 84 count
  • Medium - 13-24 pounds, 64 count
  • Large - 20-31 pounds, 54 count
  • XL - 26-44 pounds, 42 count

Benefits of Japanese Diapers

Merries, Moony, and Goon each have their own special features, but all of them are great examples of the quality that goes into diapers from Japan. The softness that parents review online is unmatched by American brands, even those that are sold in Japan. Japanese diapers must be ecologically safe according to Japanese standards. They use high-quality fabric so that every diaper is breathable in the most humid environment between a baby boy and a diaper. They are also unscented, so there are no added fragrances to try to mask odors. 

Merries, Moony and Goon Japanese diapers are available in the United States online at Order the sizes and quantities you need with delivery right to your door.