Best Formula for Gassy Babies


Is your baby gassy? It is not uncommon for babies to experience gas discomfort. Much of it is due to a digestive system that is still developing. 

Excess gas can occur due to feeding positions, the amount of air swallowed when feeding or crying, or even as a reaction to an ingredient in their baby formula.

The best formula for a gassy baby is one that supports a baby’s developing digestive system while nourishing them with all of the essential nutrients. An organic baby formula benefits their development by using ingredients that are not tainted by chemicals from pesticides or herbicides. The best organic formulas for gassy babies are gentle on little tummies and meet all of their dietary needs.

When it comes to the best formula to use for gassy babies, the organic formulas from Europe are gentle for babies without creating digestive problems with processed sugars or chemical additives. Those brands include:


Holle is known around the world for establishing a high standard for baby food and formula. It is certified Demeter quality, which is a high international standard in terms of organic philosophy. The holistic approach to farming and raising cattle is evident in the food that is produced. 

Holle is 99% organic with 1% coming from essential vitamins and minerals. It comes in a PRE stage which contains no starch that can upset a baby’s tummy. Holle also has a goat milkformula that is easier to digest with a softer curd and smaller lactose.


HiPP has also established itself as an authority in biodynamic agriculture for baby food and formula. They are very selective in the farms that they work with so that the quality of organic ingredients meets or exceeds their expectations.

HiPP is known for using organic prebiotics and probiotics in their baby formula. It is similar to the prebiotic fibers and probiotics found in breast milk. These components promote a healthy gut by adding the good bacteria and feeding it so that it can balance the bacteria in the digestive system. HiPP also has a line of specialty formulas specifically for gassy or colicky babies including HiPP Comfort. 


Lebenswert ranks high with customers because of its simplicity. Since Lebenswert only produces organic baby formula, they can focus on bringing out the natural goodness in the milk they use for all of their stages.

Some parents will recommend Lebenswert as the best formula to use for gassy babies because it has worked for them. They started with other great baby formulas. The difference comes when they remove all of the extra components that should make feeding better. The goodness of organic milk and essential nutrients often reduces or eliminates the gas and discomfort.


Loulouka was created by parents, for parents so that they can have a say about the ingredients used in their baby’s formula. This comes with using Swiss milk, organic lactose, and sunflower lecithin as an emulsifier instead of soy lecithin. 

The best thing about Loulouka along with its quality ingredients and organic origins is the use of coconut oil. From the start, Loulouka opted for coconut oil instead of palm oil because of its sustainability as well as its health benefits. Coconut oil is found to cause less digestive issues than palm oil and is better for calcium absorption.


Topfer starts with milk from Allgau, Germany in the southern part of the country near the Alps. For over 100 years, Topfer has focused on quality baby foods that are sustainably produced and sold.

Topfer makes the list for best formula for gassy babies because of its use of bifidobacteria, a probiotic that lives in the gut and aids digestion. The addition of natural bifidobacteria in babyformula helps increase the number of good bacteria to promote bowel movements and less gas. 

Topfer Stage PRE Lactana Organic (Bio) First Infant Milk Baby Formula
Topfer Stage PRE Lactana Organic (Bio) First Infant Milk Baby Formula
Topfer Stage 2 Lactana Organic (Bio) Follow-On Infant Milk Formula
Topfer Stage 2 Lactana Organic (Bio) Follow-On Infant Milk Formula
Topfer Stage 3 Lactana Organic (Bio) Baby Milk Formula
Topfer Stage 3 Lactana Organic (Bio) Baby Milk Formula
Topfer Stage 4 Lactana Organic (Bio) Milk Formula
Topfer Stage 4 Lactana Organic (Bio) Milk Formula


NannyCare is the brand that produces goat milk formula. It is the first goat milk formula in the United Kingdom and was the first to offer an alternative to cow’s milk formula. Their milk comes from New Zealand, a country known for their high quality goat milk.

Goat milk already has a softer curd, so it is easier for a baby to digest. NannyCare also uses a gentle process during production to maintain its natural goodness. Goat milk also has smaller proteins which may alleviate digestive issues to babies who may be more sensitive to milk protein.

To find the best baby formula for gassy babies, check out The Best of Japan’s website and pick the formula that benefits your baby.